Sending Love: The Kindness of Children Sent through the Mail

Tarah Bourke - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Is there anything more beautiful than witnessing the generosity of one’s fellow man?  There is.  It’s witnessing the generosity of a child.

Every day I open the mail for Kids’ Food Basket, and amidst the bills and advertisements, there are always little treasures of kindness waiting to be unearthed.  I want you to see some of the things that I see every day. I hope that they will inspire you as much as they do me!

Do you know what a remittance envelope is?  Six-year-old Jacob didn’t.  When asked why an empty envelope accompanied the Kids’ Food Basket newsletter they had received, his mother explained that it’s the kind of envelope that is sent out so that the recipient can mail it back with a donation inside.   Immediately after hearing this, Jacob went to his bank, took out what was inside, and sent it to Kids’ Food Basket in the remittance envelope.  So amazing, the generosity contained in the heart of a child.

In a similar vein, here’s a note written by a young boy named Max.  His note was accompanied by a donation to Kids’ Food Basket to support the attack on childhood hunger.  Individually, kids aren’t able to give the largest donations.  But perhaps they give their donations with the most heart. 

One thing that kids can share with each other is knowledge.  A dentist’s office puts out brown bags in their waiting room for patients to decorate.  One young artist made this bag.  I didn’t know that apples could clean your teeth!  The child who receives the bag will become just as educated as I about the many healthful properties of apples. Fascinating what one can learn from a decorated brown bag!

Here’s a cute note from a local nanny.  The two thoughtful children under her care told stories with stickers on the brown bags that they decorated.  Most of the bags involved stickers of angry birds in storytelling scenes- hopping over fences, talking to each other.  What a great activity to do with your kids! Plus, it’s a beautiful way for kids to communicate stories to each other without even meeting.  

To conclude, let’s switch gears.  Here’s a beautiful note from the parent of a child who receives Sack Suppers.  Although she was unable to make a financial contribution to Kids’ Food Basket, she decorated a beautiful bag to be given to a Sack Supper recipient.  Maybe you don’t think that a decorated bag is a lot to give, but it means a lot to the child who receives it!

Seeing the good work that kids do is so moving; it’s the best part of my work day.  Despite their limited resources, kids find a way to give so much.  Whether it’s through breaking open their piggy bank, manning lemonade stands, or decorating bags, kids get so excited about the things that they can do for other kids.  They are realizing at a young age how good it feels to give.  Truly, they are role models for us all.  

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